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This is Rep. Kristin Phillips-Hill’s second term in office representing Pennsylvania’s 93rd Legislative District in southern York County. During the 2017-18 legislative session, she has been appointed to serve on the following committees: Education, Gaming Oversight, Health and State Government (she serves as secretary of the Education and State Government committees). Phillips-Hill has also been re-appointed to serve as a majority deputy whip, is a member of the Speaker’s Equal Opportunity Advisory Committee and chairs the Cystic Fibrosis Caucus. Apart from her legislative duties, Phillips-Hill is a member of the board of directors for both the York County Convention and Visitors Bureau and York County History Center.

Rep. Phillips-Hill is also a member of the Common Sense Caucus, a group of rank and file House members that formed in the summer of 2017 during the state budget standoff. She and her colleagues were motivated by insistence that increased taxes were the only solution to the impasse. Extensive research uncovered special fund accounts and fund balances that exceeded $3 billion of taxpayer money, as well as transfers of money that involved attempts to hide revenue from legislators and the public. The caucus’ hard work resulted in House Bill 453 - The Taxpayers’ Budget - which passed the House but was voted down by the Senate.

In her first term in office, Phillips-Hill authored House Bill 2078, which was signed into law as Act 143 of 2016. The legislation accelerates the process veterans, military members and their spouses must follow when attempting to maintain state teaching certification due to frequent moves.

Kristin is a native of New Jersey. She was born in Camden and raised in Cinnaminson. Following graduation from the Cinnaminson School District in 1984, she attended Rutgers University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in public policy.

Kristin served on the school board of the Dallastown Area School District for three years and is a former legislative staff member in the House Republican Caucus. She has extensive volunteer experience and is a former owner of a small business which purchased antiques and collectables for interior decorators and antique shops.

During her tenure as a school board member, the district did not raise taxes and continued to create well-rounded students who are ready to take on the challenges of the future. Kristin worked hard to raise awareness among her Dallastown colleagues, as well as those on neighboring school boards, of pending legislation and its potential effect on their districts.

Her position gave her a unique perspective on the process of funding our schools, which is why she lists property tax relief for her constituents as a priority. Kristin is also a proponent of improving Pennsylvania’s business climate, having realized the challenges associated with owning a business.

While believing the voters have the ultimate ability to limit the terms of service for their representatives, Kristin is setting her own term limits by promising to serve in the Legislature a maximum 10 years (five terms). During that tenure, she will not be participating in the State Employees Retirement System or health insurance program. She will commute to and from Harrisburg using her own vehicle and will not be submitting mileage.

The 93rd District consists of the York County townships of East Hopewell, Fawn, Hopewell, North Hopewell, Springfield and York; and boroughs of Cross Roads, Dallastown, Fawn Grove, Jacobus, Loganville, Seven Valleys, Shrewsbury, Stewartstown, Winterstown and Yoe. 

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