House Judiciary Committee to Consider Phillips-Hill Credit, Debit Card Skimming Bill
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HARRISBURG – Legislation authored by state Rep. Kristin Phillips-Hill (R-York County) that would aid in prosecution of identity thieves is scheduled to be voted Tuesday, Nov. 21, by the House Judiciary Committee. The meeting will be held at a time yet to be determined.

House Bill 1918, which has support from members on both sides of the aisle, would update and upgrade Pennsylvania law to help prevent, eliminate and punish the use of fraudulent credit/debit card devices. The legislation would make it illegal to use or possess any device capable of accessing information encoded on the computer chip, magnetic strip or stripe or other storage mechanism of a payment card. Current cases are prosecuted under theft and identity theft statutes.

Under Phillips-Hill’s legislation, first offenders face a third-degree felony charge, while a second or subsequent offense would result in a second-degree felony charge. Here’s what is being said about House Bill 1918:
  • Rep. Phillips-Hill -

    “When I first started working on this bill, I was questioned as to the need for such legislation. Simply put, possessing these devices is currently not illegal, even though they have no use other than for criminal, deceitful and deceptive purposes. My legislation would give law enforcement one more tool to use in prosecuting these thieves.

    “House Bill 1918 would strengthen Pennsylvania’s Crimes Code in dealing with an act that can be costly for consumers and businesses alike. Earlier this year, I had my credit card skimmed at a local convenience store and am well aware of the feelings of fear and helplessness when this happens to you. My hope is that the General Assembly moves quickly and sends this bill to Gov. Tom Wolf.”

  • York County District Attorney Tom Kearney -

    “The issue of financial card scamming has become more and more prevalent and directly affects all Pennsylvanians. I am pleased that Rep. Phillips-Hill is seeking to address this crime as a felony offense.”

  • Alex Baloga, president and CEO/Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association -

    “The Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association (PFMA) strongly supports Rep. Phillip-Hill’s legislation and efforts to address the very important issue of credit card skimming. PFMA and our members are committed on behalf of our customers to continuing to pursue all possible avenues including the representative’s legislation.

    “We believe this will help tackle these very damaging crimes perpetrated on unsuspecting, innocent individuals. The representative’s leadership on this issue is to be applauded and is greatly appreciated by the entire retail food and fuel industry.”

  • Patrick Conway, president and CEO/Pennsylvania Credit Union Association -

    “Credit unions and other financial institutions are often held liable for the costs associated with skimming, increasing the cost of credit and debit cards for all consumers. We would like to thank Rep. Phillips-Hill for introducing this pro-consumer legislation that will hold fraudsters accountable and make it less likely for Pennsylvania consumers to be defrauded”

  • Greg Rowe, Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association -

    “Prosecutors need additional tools to help fight credit card fraud, such as skimming. Rep. Phillips-Hill’s legislation will allow law enforcement to keep up with those who use sophisticated means to commit credit card fraud. The bill recognizes the significant personal and financial costs to victims of credit card fraud, and the PDAA applauds this great effort to hold those scammers and skimmers accountable for their crimes.”

Questions about this or any legislative issue should be directed to Phillips-Hill’s district office at (717) 428-9889 or 1-877-207-2272.

Representative Kristin Phillips-Hill
93rd Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Scott Little
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